Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The story of the giant snowball...

It all began with this random picture that I put up on our smartboard.
The Kindergarten kids were amazed, enthralled, captivated and motivated! "We have to make one!" I reply, "But Kindergarten Kids! We are not big enough or strong enough to make a snowball that big." Jake comes up with our solution, "Ben is strong enough!" I thought to myself, well of course he is and so are the rest of those Grade 10 kids. So, off we go to find the gym teacher to see if we can borrow those big kids sometime today. He thought it was a fabulous idea and arrangements were made for 1pm. The Kindergarten kids were so excited and those big kids did not disappoint. They rolled snowballs, packed snow, picked up little kids, held them on their shoulders. We are so lucky to have such good kids in our school. A great afternoon was had by all.