Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chores, chores, chores...

We are doing our chores all on our own now! Each morning when the children get to school, they bring their bluebooks into class and put them in the proper box. From there, they start their chores. They look at the chart stand and see what chores are listed for them that day. On most days, they will have three chores:
1)Student calendars
*We have to keep track of what day it is. They have to glue a precut square onto the correct number on their calendar.
2)Attendance Chart
*The students all use special little papers and write their first name and put it in the little pocket with their picture on it. That is name practice everyday. After Christmas we will start writing our last names, and our phone numbers.
3)Answer the Question of the Day
*They have to get someone to read the question of the day for them and then they must place their clothspin with their name on it on the correct side of the chart, answering either yes or no. The question can be anything from "Does Mr. T have tall teeth?" to "Does Mrs. Sveahun have six children?"

This activity builds all kinds of skills including following routines, fine motor skills, number recognition, organization, practice writing names, and getting tasks completed in a specific amount of time.