Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Check us out!

We are just becoming so techno-savy in Kindergarten I can hardly stand it! The post below is our introduction for the Kindergarten kids at Grosse Ile Kindergarten in Grosse Ile, Quebec. They did the same thing for us and posted it on a site that we can see at school. We are waiting for the Kindergarten kids in Montreal to post their introductions. Our kids loved hearing themselves recorded. A huge thank you to my techno parent Penny for assisting in many ways with this project, including spending the morning with us recording the children.
P.S. Take a moment and use google earth to see where Grosse Ile,Quebec actually is. Google Earth is a free download and it is really fascinating to check out places in the world.

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Penny said...

This was a really fun project to help with. It was great to see how excited the kids were to hear their own voices -- one was so proud he proclaimed "wow that's a big-boy voice!". The did a great job!

Thanks for including me in the fun!