Sunday, November 16, 2008

Comments, please!

I opened my email today and had an email from a teacher in NEW ZEALAND! He had found our little blog and his class in NEW ZEALAND was interested in making a comment about one of the posts. Just how amazing is that! Kids in NEW ZEALAND are following what our kids in rural Alberta are doing. That just makes our world a little bit smaller.
So, if you would ever like to make a comment about our classroom blog, comment away, I would love to hear what you have to say, it keeps me motivated knowing that others are enjoying seeing what the Kindergarten kids are up to.


Penny said...

Very happy that you now have comments! Our family has really enjoyed this addition to the communication from school. The little glimpses into Ian's day are a lot of fun and help us to continue the learning at home. His Grandma also follows along and it brightens her day to have little tidbits, songs, videos and news that she would otherwise know nothing about.

Keep up the good work!!


Lorna Costantini said...

It is wonderful to see such great work communicating with the parents in your school. Keep up the good wrokd

aurelio said...

Good looking blog and great site for parents.
I especially like the guide for k parents.
my blog's family leadership in education.

lenee said...

Good morning, Grace and i were wondering what town/city in new zealand, as Brody is over there now and she wants to tell him and see if it is close to his place.

Anonymous said...

Hello again from New zealand. We are at Glenview Primary School in Hamilton. Hamilton is in the Waikato on the North Island of New Zealand, about 150km south of Auckland.

We have a class blog at where you can see some of our writing and artwork.

Including this We get to choose the colour of our casts. Do you?

From Room 9 and Mr F in New Zealand

Angela said...

Hey Mrs. McMahon, today is the first time I've been able to get onto the web page since we've finally gotten the internet hooked up again... Just wanted to tell you how great it is!!