Thursday, November 13, 2008

One of the best field trips in the history of Kindergarten!

Wow! Our towns firefighters and EMT's are amazing, not only to they save lives, they gave us one of the best field trips ever! Little children are often scared of these people, because they represent scary situations. Our Kindergarten kids were given the best introduction to these amazing people today. They got to run an obstacle course wearing fireman boots, screw on hose nozzles, and shot water at targets. They got to turn the sirens and lights on in the firetruck and crawl all over the firetruck. They each got their own stuffed animals which they were able to cover with bandages, bandaids and they each got their own oxygen mask, just how cool is that! We toured the ambulance and each had a strecher ride, even me.
A huge thankyou to Tara, Karen and Kevin for making our visit to the firehall an amazing experience for our little ones!