Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa's Office and Mrs. Claus' Kitchen

Well, if you think things are busy at the North Pole right now you just take a look at our "House" center. It has been transformed into Mrs.Claus' Kitchen and Santa's Office. There was a flury of activity today, have a look. Also, our little elf was going around collecting names for Santa's list!

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Sue said...

Hi Everyone,
Those Christmas trees look super! I hope our names are on Santa's nice list. What do families in Canada leave for Santa to eat when he drops off the presents? In Australia we leave him a cold drink because Christmas is in the Summer time here. Lots of families here have a barbeque for Christmas lunch or cook their roast meat outside, because it gets too hot inside if we use the oven. People who live near the ocean go to the beach for a swim on christmas day. We live inland so we swim in the river or in our pools.
Merry Christmas!
Room 13