Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Shining Stars of 2009

2009...that is a pretty big concept when you are only five. We have been discussing the new year and thought we would start off with deciding what we really want to learn in 2009, so here is it (enjoy)...
*Luke wants to meet more letter people.
*Madison wants to learn to print the letter 2.
*Mercedes wants to learn to make playdough.
*Reese wants to learn about bears and how to make pancakes.
*Kyanna wants to learn how to take care of puppies.
*Brittyn wants to learn about stars and how to bake cookies.
*Austin wants to learn how to build cars.
*Layton wants to learn about dirtbiking.
*Grace wants to learn how to sew a doll.
*Ian wants to learn about skiing.
*Zackery wants to learn more about the ABC's.
*Noah wants to learn to bake cupcakes.
*Joselyn wants to learn about potatoes.


Penny said...

We should all have such great goals for the New Year. Learning one new thing each week is mine!! Think I can keep it up?


Sue said...

Hi Guys,
What great goals. I really like the way that you presented them too. What an awesome way to start the new year. We have decided to call our new website 'Junior Crew 2009' and our symbol is going to be a rocket ship! How cool that we picked the same symbols!Our theme for the new year is 'Earth, Wind, Fire and Water' and you will find us at http://juniorcrew.blogspot.com
There's not much to look at yet becaue we don't go back to school until the end of January!

Errin said...

Those are great goals! I hope you all meet them!

I've wondered what an early primary blog would like. This certainly fits the idea I had in my head. This is the first early primary blog I've ever visited and it makes me miss the fun of teaching that age group! I really like the way you've set things up - very cheerful and colourful with lots of visuals - just like a primary classroom! Great job!

Yvonne Osborn said...

Hello from Melbourne, Australia. I want to congratulate you and your class on your stunning Blog. It is so colourful and I'm sure your students must love seeing their work online.Our school year will be starting in February and we have 4 classes of Preps (your Kindergarten level) starting school for the first time.Our weather is hot here at the moment.I'm guessing you have snow. I have visited Canada three times and I think it is a beautiful country. I was lucky enough to see a bear with two cubs, and a wolf chasing a big horned sheep at Atabasca Glacier. I particularly liked Lake Louise and Banff,
Keep up the excellent blogging, Best Regards, Yvonne Osborn