Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wow, a first for me!

On Tuesday, we ventured to the computer lab, with out our Grade 3 buddies. This was a big deal, because we had to use our own "secret code" to get into the computers. We had to learn to hit the CTR, ALT and Delete keys in proper order and then put in our user name and password. This was a huge feat and most did it with minimal help! When we got in we traveled to our school website, then the Kindergarten page and then to this blog. They all did this on their own while watching me on a large screen. Technology is a part of world and these little ones love it. Just think of the letter recognition skills having to find the right letters of the "secret code."
We also visited tuxpaint and the kids loved it. This is a free download that you can download for your child to utilize at home. Just click on tuxpaint and it will take you to the download link.
Also, paper copies of keyboards have been coming home, we are using these to practice hitting the CTR, ALT, DELETE keys and finding specific letters and numbers.

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Sue said...

Looks like the kinder kids are growing up quick! Will check out the site. Thanks