Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our "Really Great Person" in Kindergarten

Every couple of weeks we choose a new "Really Great Person" in our Kindergarten class. The child takes home the materials to make a poster about themselves and they bring pictures from home to share with their classmates. Everyone loves looking at pictures from home and all the students get to ask the "Really Great Person" questions. The whole class then lines up and we all get to shake the "Really Great Person's" hand and tell him or her that we really do think that they are a "Really Great Person."


Sue said...

What a great idea. Do you have a question guide in the kit to help families with the project?

Mrs. McMahon said...

Can you send my your email so I can respond to your questions. I can't seem to find it.

Sue and class said...

Hi Joanne and Kinder kids. You have been so busy and you are so lucky. The Junior crew kids would love to be able to ice skate! We don't have any ice skating rinks where we live. We don't even have them in the places that snow!
Our email is: