Friday, February 13, 2009

Peace and Chaos...all in one day.

O.K, 28 Kindergarten kids, the annual rummage sale, our Valentines party and the intermural soccer finals...I am tired! This morning was so good! Mr. J came and taught us about painting. Mr. J taught art at our school for many years and we always enjoy having him in the classroom. The kids were so engrossed in their painting in the below video, I didn't tell them to be quiet, they just were. That was the peace part of the day. Now the chaos! I will give you a glimpse of the amazing deals found at the rummage sale. The Valentines Party was a great time with games, fabulous food and giving out our Valentines, it was a good day in Kindergarten. Happy Valentines Day from the Kindergarten Kids!

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Sue and class said...

It was so quiet in the Kinder room, I thought the sound on my computer was turned off!
I like the look of Mr J's painting. Were you guys painting pictures like that or were you just doing your own thing! Do you think Mr j could come and work with the Junior Crew. We are never that quiet!