Sunday, March 8, 2009

Green on a Shamrock, Green on a tree, Green on a lephrechaun and Green on me!

Below is a copy of the note that came home from school before all the terrible weather and before teachers convention. Lots of exciting occurrences are about to happen in Kindergarten and we need the below items to kick off our quest to catch Lenny the Leprechaun, I think this may just be the year we get him!

"It has been said that a leprechaun visits our Kindergarten every year around St. Patricks Day. We really do want him to come this year, so we are looking for lots of green things. Please help your child find 10 green things to put in this bag and bring to school next Tuesday. We will use them for lots of activities and you may not get them all back.
Mrs. McMahon and the Kindergarten kids"

Here is an example of our "green bags"

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