Saturday, September 26, 2009

Our friends across the country....

We are very excited to have the opportunity to become cyber-pals with the Kindergarten kids in Grosse Ile, Quebec. We will be doing a number of activities with them this year. We have already started correspondence with them via our blog sites. On our blog, we posted our apple graph with the results of our apple taste test, they did the same on their class blog.
We are very excited to be sending two stuffed animals back and forth between the two classrooms, we send them Melvin Moose and they send us Larry Lobster. They don't have moose on their island and we certainly don't have lobsters anywhere near our little prairie town.
We look forward to actually seeing the kids from Grosse Ile by using video conferencing. We will be able to see each other and have a little visit, technology can be just grand.
We did our first scientific experiment, we wondered what would happen to apples if we heated them? As you can see below, we made some hypotheses'(educated guesses), we then cooked our apples in a crock pot and got applesauce. The kids who like the applesauce signed their names.
We had a great week!


Donna said...

Hi everyone,
We did a science experiment too about apples! We wanted to see what happens to peeled apples in the air and what would happen if we put peeled apples in lemon juice. What do you think happened? Maybe you can try it!

Sheri Burkeen said...

Our Kindergarten classes made applesauce last week, too! We cooked ours in an electric skillet and it was yummy! We added cinnamon to the apples for extra flavor. We live in Memphis, TN, USA. We will enjoy reading your blog!