Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grandparents Day was a hit....

We held our annual Grandparents Day in Kindergarten and it turned out very well. We had 21 Kindergarten kids and about 35 Grandmas and Grandpas, our room was packed. We had Grandparents from as far away as Saskatchewan, many had to take the day off and we appreciate them spending their precious time with us! Our morning was filled with preparations, we made Thank You poems with our handprints and jar candle holders, an idea I found on one of the blogs I follow, Best Bites. These were made with tissue paper, jars and huge amounts of a glue and water solution. Was it a huge mess? YES, but they loved it and they looked so cute when they were done as you can see above. Enjoy our little show and have a Happy Halloween!


Joanne said...


I wish the day had been different so that Connor could have been there the full day. He was thrilled with his jack-o-lantern, it is currently on the front steps, he even dragged Dad outside when he got home, to make extra sure he saw it!

I loved the video!


Tracy said...

Lexi sure likes watching this video! Thanks Mrs. McMahon. She is very particular to humming the music!!

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