Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello out there!

Here is a big "Welcome to our school" to the Kindergarten kids from Grosse Ile, Quebec. They and their teacher, Ms. Anderson will be joining our little flock of students by video conference on Thursday morning. We have plans to introduce ourselves, sing some apple songs, read a book and dicuss our class mascots Melvin the Moose (ours) and Larry the Lobster (theirs). This will be the first video conference our two classes will participate in this year. We will see them on the large video screen and they will see us. This certainly does make our world seem just a bit smaller when we have the opportunity to participate in activities like this. Have a look at the map below if you don't know where Grosse Ile is. It is an island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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Donna said...

Hi Forestburg Kindergarten

We looked on google map too today! We found out that we are 4988 kilometers away. Wow!
Everyone is excited about tomorrow's activity. See you all soon.

Joanne McDermott said...

Looking the google map, I discovered that Grosse Ile. is not so very far away from where I grew up!! :) Very cool...didn't know how close it was.