Saturday, November 7, 2009

We learn about remembering...

Thursday morning was busy, we needed to do a poppy count in our whole school! Who was wearing a poppy? Why were they wearing it? Why were we not wearing a poppy? Oh, the questions we needed to answer, so what did we do, we gathered our clipboards and went off to gather data. First, we needed cash. We had to buy a poppy for each one of us, thank goodness we recycle our juiceboxes, so we have some cash. Off we went to the office to buy poppies and discuss why people wear them on Remembrance Day. Next, we dropped in on every classroom in our school and guess how many poppies we found? SEVEN. We were not impressed! We could not believe that we only got to put 7 tally marks on our data sheets! We are going to do another poppy count on Tuesday morning and we certainly expect to find more than 7 poppies! Our schools Remembrance Day Ceremony is Tuesday at 10:30 all families are welcome to attend, it will be in the big gym.

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