Wednesday, January 27, 2010


TupperMomma said...

Today I had no problem getting Connor to do "backpack first" when he got home...he was desperate to show me his awesome airplane!! He couldn't have been any prouder of it!

I am truly blessed that my kids have such amazing teachers who are a large part of the reason that they love school SO much!!

Thank you!!

gail said...

Hello Mrs. McMahon and class,
I really enjoyed your VoiceThread on Mr. Jacobson's visit and learning to fly paper airplanes. Do you think we could make an airplane that could fly all the way from Saskatchewan to Southampton, Massachusetts? Oh what a flight that would be!
I will ask my class if they have any questions for you and we can add them to the VoiceThread, if that's okay.
Mrs. Poulin

Mrs. McMahon said...

Mrs. Poulin,
We would love for your class to comment on our airplanes, maybe we should Video Conference and show you how to do it?
Also, we are in Alberta, so those airplanes would have to fly farther then if we were in Saskatchewan.
Looking forward to hearing your comments.
Mrs. McMahon

Mrs. McMahon said...

Thank you for such nice compliments. We are lucky to get to do what we love.
Mrs. McMahon

Sue said...

What a fun activity.You must have laughed when the plane got stuck on the ceiling :)

gail said...

It would be a thrill to video conference with you. My class is loving the wonderful things we find on line and making new friends will be the highlight of the year! We are in the eastern time zone (think Montreal;)