Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The pussywillow patch is always a hit...

We bundled up in extra toques and mitts and started our walk in the less than pleasant Alberta weather. We were on our way to the pussywillow patch to see what we could find. Our first discovery... when we crank our arm up and down when a BIG truck goes by, the driver will honk his really loud horn (always a big hit.) Then we found a giant ant hill, someone just happened to step in it and we found millions of ants scurrying about, we watched those ants for along time. Then we found them, the pussywillows. We found them in all stages, just bursting out of the pod, fuzzy, silver and gray. We found them brilliant lime green ready to burst into leaf, and finally some that were already in leaf form. We formed a circle and explored them, we squeezed, smelled, squashed, tore, ripped, broke and finally decided that pussywillows are amazing. A five year old exploring his or her world is always an amazing and somewhat humbling experience to witness.
It was then back to the classroom to whip up a pussywillow craft to display beside our real ones. You just can't go wrong with exploring our physical world in Kindergarten.

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Rhonda said...

What a fun day and what fortunate children to have a teacher who will take them out exploring. Those coats and toques look out of place. In balmy Ontario my students are playing outside in short sleeves.