Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank you to Grosse Ile Kindergarten!

We got a big surprise last week. Our friends in Quebec sent us a voicethread project about lobster fishing. Our little prairie kids were amazed by their pictures and explanations. I really hope we get time in our next hectic few weeks to comment on their pictures and ask them questions, we had lots of questions about lobster fishing. Take a moment and watch with your child, it is really fasinating how much these little ones know about their main industry in Grosse Ile. Click above to watch the voicethread, you may learn something too!

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TupperMomma said...

Awesome!! You can tell the differences in a "part of the life" from both areas. Listening to the little ones from Grosse-Ile they know lobster fishing like most of the kiddos out here know farming. VERY cool to be a bystander able to see both sides :)