Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the blink of an eye....

One minute we are making the letter T with playdough, and then all of a sudden, out of no where, we have a Candy Factory! Right there people... is the joy of Kindergarten! Within 5 minutes, we had a "Candy Boss" rolling the dotted dice on the smartboard, I as the "foreman" had a gruff voice and a hardhat on, all the workers had applied for a job and been hired as candy makers and had made many colored candy "balls." They had their packaging material (recycled muffin containers) and they were working. The "Candy Boss" would roll the dice and that would be the number of candies that needed to be added to the containers. Of course, once the containers were properly packaged, they needed to be shipped to Michigan(?), by big truck of course, so we got some keys, used the big blocks to pack our containers in and sent the "Candy Boss" to Michigan with his load. GOOD DAY people, I love Kindergarten! Have I mentioned the importance of pretend play...YES....I have. While pretend playing they were also developing fine motor skills, counting, identifying number, showing one to one correspondance, following directions, helping others and staying completely on task. The Candy Factory was continued at afternoon Center time and expanded upon in many ways. It was awesome!

Have a glimpse at the back of our big truck getting ready to go to Michigan, one of our sales clerks taking a phone order and our new foreman keeping our employees organized.


gail said...

What a BLAST!!

Can I order some? I just love candy!

Mrs. McMahon said...

Thanks Gail, and it was a blast. Sorry but we are only shipping to Michigan right now. :)