Monday, October 18, 2010

M is for Maren

Every week in Kindergarten, someone is the official "Really Great Person." Of course, in Kindergarten everyone is a great person, but we choose to honor our greatness once a week. Our first "Really Great Person" is Maren. She made a poster at home that told us some of her favorites....

My favorite things by Maren,
Cake is my favorite treat.
A school bus is my favorite site to see.
I think my favorite color is cool, I like to wear pink to school.
Chicken Fingers is my favorite meal to eat.
Who is my favorite!

Above is the first page of her Name Book. All students in the class wrote Maren's name at the top of their page and their name at the bottom. We had to call up our "cheerleaders" and Maren yelled into the megaphone (Give me a M, give me an A, etc.) We then had a good look at Maren and used our artists skills to draw her. After drawing our pictures we had "Artists Chair," and told one thing we liked about our pictures. All students will get their own Name Book as the year goes on. This activity has proven to be a great tool for formative assessment of student growth in letter formation, name writing, fine motor skills and drawing.


TupperMomma said...

Connor still has his by his bedside and looks through it a LOT!! :)

As always...How awesome is this!


Sally Haughey said...

Love this! I do a version of this but I like yours better! I do this for special helper of the day we draw their portrait. Thanks for sharing!