Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For your viewing pleasure...

We continue to be super busy in Kindergarten. We have been learning about both the Inuit an our 5 senses with the help of a Science Alberta crate. We are enjoying reading Inuit stories, even though one of them kind of freaked us out! We will definately not go on the ice without our parents!
We are also knee deep in patterning. We are noticing patterns in our world and creating, extending and explaining them. In the video below you will see some of our created patterns as well as some of our sound patterns. You will notice some older students doing a sound pattern. Whenever the big kids come to our room to borrow something, which is often, I make them do something like sing or in this case, do a sound pattern. These two particular Grade 8 boys happen to be my son and his best friend.
Also, we learned about mixing colors and we loved mixing colors! As you will see some colors got mixed a bit too much!

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