Saturday, January 29, 2011

Professional Development....

We are very lucky to have strong professional development opportunities at our school. We are part of a project called AISI (Alberta Initiative for School Improvement.) We participate and complete activities under this directive at every staff meeting and PD Day. Our K-3 teachers often meet as a group to pursue tasks that include things like Blooms Taxonomy (higher level thinking) and way to create real life skills that utilize 21st learning tools. One thing our K-3 group has done is to create blog to put "stuff" we find and explain projects we are working on. One goal of this group is to add 3 interesting/educational websites a month. I decided to start adding mine to this blog so more than one group can utilize really good sites that I run upon in my web travelings. So, here are 3 of my picks for January...
Joe Bower's blog call "For the Love of Learning." I like this blog because Joe is an Albertan, he gets excited that Sir Ken Robinson is coming to Red Deer (and I am going!) and he discusses issues surrounding teacher contracts, which are a hot topic right now.
Free Technology for Teachers, an amazing blog by Richard Byrne is an amazing resource. I particularly like the blog post about decluttering YouTube videos. I always worry what is going to pop up on the sidebar while we are watching something. Richard gives three options to avoid the junk.
Bucket Fillers is a great find. Our school has a teacher created character education program that we put alot of work into. We are always looking for new ideas and this site will come in very handy. You can sign up for monthly newsletters.

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