Monday, October 6, 2008

Another exciting week is upon us!

Here we go on another busy week in Kindergarten. Lots of Thanksgiving talk this week, along with mailing our invitations to Grandparents Day, which is always exciting. We will meet a new letter person and I tell you, he has some "horrible hair"!
Last week was great fun, I cannot express to you how wonderful it is to have only fourteen students in this classroom, we can do so much because of our smaller numbers. If you see our principal, thank him for the effort he went through to make this happen for us.
We met Mr.F last week and he has funny feet.

We did lots of work around the letter you can see:

We meet our Grade 3 buddies and we talked about NOT wanting to be "rotten bananas" as you can see by the look on my and Mrs. Coutts face:

And of course, we had center time, it just would not be Kindergarten without center time!