Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours....

I am thankful for many things about Kindergarten, let's see if I can name a few...

*The hugs, I am always getting hugs,

*The rambunctious little boys being "Letter Detectives" and looking for letter H with the Mission Impossible music playing.

*The beautiful feathers we got back from the students and all the effort the parents put into them, our turkey looked fabulous. (as you can see at the top of this post)

*The absolutely honest answers we get when asking the children what they are thankful for:
-Joselyn is thankful for her Grandma and Grandpa and Mommy and Daddy.
-Ava is thankful her Mom got a new job and she is thankful she has her brothers protecting her.
-Zackery is thankful for frogs and Halloween.
-Grace is thankful for her Grandma from the farm and from town, for Mrs. McMahon, her friends and Layton.
-Layton is thankful for having Thanksgiving supper at his Grandma and Grandpa's.
-Noah is thankful for his Mom and Dad, Kelsie, Delane, Granny, Grandpa, Auntie Eva and his friends.
-Brittyn is thankful for her Grandpa, Grandma, friends and Kenzie and Jaden.
-M is thankful for her Grandma.
-Luke is thankful for Halloween, Rachel, Mauriah and Maddie.
-Austin is thankful for his friends, turkeys and Halloween.
-Ian is thankful for people, his bike and his Mom and Dad.
-Kyanna is thankful for horses.
-Reese is thankful for owls and turkeys.
-Mercedes is thankful for her brothers, her Mom, her friends and her Dad.

I don't think anything I can say can top those grateful little children so have a great Thanksgiving and take a moment to think about what you are really thankful for.