Thursday, October 16, 2008

It is all about letters and numbers!

Wow, did we work hard this week! We learned so much. We met Mr. N, he of course has the special quality of a "noisy nose." We printed Mr. N, ALWAYS starting our letters at the top. We have now meet letters T,F,H and N. Your child should be able to recognize each letter (upper and lower case), tell you what sound each one makes and tell you what is special about each one (Mr. T has tall teeth, Mr. F has funny feet, Mr. H has horrible hair and Mr. N has a noisy nose.)
Lots of focus on numbers 1-10. We have been counting forward and backwards to ten and playing lots of number games. We also worked on our shapes. We should all be able to draw a circle, square, triangle and rectangle.
Oh, and we are learning some really fun Halloween songs and poems, ask your kids about them, especially, "Looking for Dracula." That is our favorite!

Copy this link into your address line and listen to a sample of our new favorite song, Looking for Dracula by Charlotte Diamond:

Just thought I would add some pictures, everybody loves to see pictures:
1)Having fun in the sandbox.
2)The boys playing with the Zip Track that we build while working with numbers.
3)Making tickets for the airplane as these little ones were on their way to Mexico.