Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hello Grosse Ile, Quebec Kindergarten kids

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We were thrilled to receive a very special delivery from our friends in Grosse Ile, Quebec. Mrs. Anderson and her Kindergarten kids sent us a lobster! A stuffed lobster that is and his name is Larry. We also received numerous hand drawn pictures of Larry. The children included photos of each of them on actual lobster boats. This is amazing for my little land locked prairie kids. Mrs. Anderson included a letter telling us about lobster fishing. It was so interesting for all of us. Our Kindergarten kids are in the process of organizing a package to send to Grosse Ile. We have a moose to send to them because they don't gave moose on the island where they live. We voted and came up with the name Melvin. Have a look at Larry and Melvin below, they are big buddies.

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Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Larry and Melvin! The children will be so excited to get your package. We are so happy you liked what we sent. Have a great time with Larry!

Donna Anderson