Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As I walked into my classroom today I was greeted with smiling children holding garbage bags full of empty groceries. I put out the call last week for empty grocery store items and my parents delivered! We needed to decide how to sort all this stuff! We broke it down into boxes, things for the fridge, things you can drink and can/bottles. Then we sorted. We have to buy things in the grocery store, so all our items needed to be priced. I showed the students how to make a dollar sign, gave them some labels and they were off. We have a good deal on cereal, $16.00 for a box! We then discussed how you must make a list to go to the grocery store, have money and take some bags. We even had one little entrepreneur make cards in the writing center to sell in the grocery store! They had a hoot and the learning from this one activity is endless. I LOVE Kindergarten!

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TupperMomma said...

I love how the wee one is even dressed for shopping int the top picture!! hehehe

Thsi is such a wonderful idea! As wierd as this sounds, I came to realize that none of our kids really know ANYTHING about money (this project got me thinking about that)

Because of the age we live in...they see Mom and Dad go to the store, swipe plastic and get stuff. This was just one more wonderful "A-HA moments" passed on by one of our sons' wonderful teachers!!