Sunday, November 28, 2010


What a great little family site I just found! It is called Wonderopolis and I have added it to the sidebar on this blog. This is the way they describe themselves...
Create. Laugh. Imagine. Explore. Learn. Smile. Grow.
Visit Wonderopolis.™ It’s a place where parents seek and nurture a brighter world for their children through the power of discovery, creativity, learning and imagination. Wonderopolis™ is brought to life by the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL).

Everyday,a new wonder will be presented like...
Do horses sleep standing up?
Why do onions make us cry?
Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
These are great conversation starters for the classroom or the supper table. I look forward to using them in the classroom to promote oral language and of course to encourage those fantastic little imaginations. I am excited about the potential of this site in our classroom, thanks Wonderopolis.


Mr. Fines said...

We love your Wonderopolis Widget, and the Moose. He is so funny. We hope Mr. Fines will add a fun widget to our blog this week.

Have a great week!

and your kindergarten friends in Missoula Montana!

Mrs. McMahon said...

Hi Mr.Fines and the Missoula Kindergarten kids,
Thanks for visiting our blog. Our Moose is named Melvin. We have lots of moose where we live, do you have moose where you live. We live right above you on the map. Do you have a class mascot? Maybe our classes could be buddies?
Have a great day,
Mrs. McMahon and the Forestburg Kindergarten kids

gail said...

Hello Mrs. McMahon,
Thanks for sharing this cool new-to-me site. I think I need to add it as one more tab on my browser at start up. The children are sure to enjoy it as much as I do.
Mrs. Poulin

Mrs. McMahon said...

Mrs. Poulin,
I found this great help with the help of our Kinderchat peeps. I am loving our network on #kinderchat. Wonderopolis is amazing and changes everyday. It even follows up with simply science experiments. I think it just went online on November 28.
Thanks for the comment.

Mr. Fines said...

we have many moose in Montana, but we don't have any near us in the city. Our school mascot is a Dragon. But our favorite mascot is Monte the Grizzly Bear from the University of Montana. We have many Grizzly bears in Montana. We would love to be buddies with you and Mrs. Poulin from #kinderchat.

We'll be in touch!

Mr. Fines and the KF Dragons

jen said...

Hi Mrs McMahon and Kindergaten kids,
Thanks for sharing! I think Wonderopolis looks like a great site too. I think that my Kinder class will really enjoy having a new `wonder' every day! Sometimes we write about all the things that we wonder so it will be interesting to see more `wonderings'. I also can't wait to tell the children about your class and your moose! We live in Australia - no moose here! Closest we have are deer. We will visit again soon.
Ms Dowling and KD

Mrs. McMahon said...

Hello to Ms. Dowling and the KD kids from Australia,
How wonderful that you came to visit us. Do you have any kangaroos near you? We have moose but no kangaroos. Welcome to our blog and we hope to hear from you again.
Mrs. McMahon and the Kindergarten kids

jen said...

Hello again Mrs McMahon and Kindergarten kids,
We live near the National Park so there are lots of kangaroos living there. We don't get to see them very often though because they hide from us! If you go for a walk in the bush very early in the morning or at dusk you might even see a wallaby! The KD children would like to know if there are any other interesting animals that live near you? Do any of the moose ever come into your school? We are very interested!
From Ms Dowling and KD