Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little Christmas craft with a math flair....

Well, it tis the season. As a Kindergarten teacher, I just need to accept the fact that everything we do HAS to have something to do with Christmas. My little ones are consumed by the upcoming celebration so I have decided to just go with it. We made these little Christmas trees yesterday. We used our cutting skills, making sure our scissors were always pointing toward the ceiling and using our helper hand. Next we had to follow directions and make sure we put glue on the tips of our heart so our tree would end up looking like a tree. Finally, we had to add the correct number of ornaments with glue and SPARKLES (I love sparkles!)The top piece of our tree needed 2 ornaments, next section needed 3 and so on. We will hang them on our lockers to show off our fabulous counting skills.

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